Hi my name is David Enciso and I was born and raised in Orem, UT. I come from a Hispanic background because my father is from Peru. I grew up speaking Spanish and visit Peru about once a year. I got married to the love of my life in 2017 and we have one son named Enzo who was born in April 2019. My passions, outside of coding, are soccer and video games. I’ve played soccer since I was four years old and have trained with professional teams in both Brazil and Peru. My favorite video games are Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, and World of Warcraft.

Prior to entering the Web and App Development program at UVU, I had no coding experience whatsoever. I had previously been attending BYU and was studying Neuroscience and Psychology. So total I have almost 2 years of programming experience. I have taken some JavaScript classes at UVU and done some courses through Udemy in my free time to really try and understand it because I know it is an important language for my career. I’m not quite where I want to be with it yet, but I’m getting there.

My favorite part of Web and App Development is that I can create anything. Coding is so powerful and there are no limitations on what I can do with it. As long as I put the time in to learning any software or langauge, I can create anything.

I hope to further advance my knowledge of JavaScript and it’s frameworks. I’m currently doing an internship at a software company called Gigg Inc. I feel like I have been able to make a lot of connection between that experience and the things I have learned in school so I would like to continue to learn things that I can apply to my internship and future jobs.