My Final Project

For my final project I have decided to create a journal app. The journal app will allow entry and storage of daily journal entries. Users will also be able to add a title to their journal entry. The journal entries will be stored and sorted by date and the user will have access to their retrieval. The app will also have a section to write things that the user is grateful for.

Too often I find myself wanting to journal but not have to handwrite on a piece of paper. Our generation seems far more comfortable typing than writing so this app will allow them to journal by typing.

This project will be great because it will require me to use a number of API endpoints in order to store, retrieve, edit, and delete data. I will have to be creative when coming up with how I will model the data. I also believe that this is an app I would use and would really help me journal more often.

I plan on using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the front-end, and then Node.js, Express, and Mongoose on the backs-end. I will use MongoDB Atlas for my database.

What did I do this week?

This week I designed what the app would look like and then, using Bootstrap, coded that design into my app. Instead of altering the classes set by Bootstrap, I created custom classes and added those to the end of the class list of the elements I wanted to style with my own styles.

What is the plan for next week?

Next week I plan on continuing to style the app, as well as begin writing JavaScript to allow the user to submit the form.

What roadblocks did I encounter?

This week there were not any roadblocks I encountered because I am pretty familiar with HTML and CSS. I have worked with Bootstrap before so all it required was reading the documentation to understand where to place certain components and what classes to add in order to style them a certain way.