What did I do this week?

This week was a frustrating one when it came to my code. My focus this week was to hook the front-end and back-end together so that I could directly submit from my front-end to the database. I used MDN as my primary source when looking into how to best use the Fetch API. However, the problem I ran into was simply targeting my input value.

My HTML code for my title input looks like this:

    class="form-control title-input"
    placeholder="Enter title"

Seeing that, I wanted to target the text that users place use inside of it by using querySelector:

const entryTitle = document.querySelector("#title").value;

However, when I hook it all up to my submit button, it isn’t getting the text from inside of the input box. This is what is happening when I am clicking the submit button:

const submitButton = document.querySelector(".custom-submit");
submitButton.addEventListener("click", (event) => {

I’ve spent a couple hours doing different things. For example textContent and innerHTML instead of value. Using getElementById instead of querySelector. I still can’t quite figure it out. So that is what I am going to still be working on going into next week.