What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is a programming language that is quite similar to JavaScript. In fact, TypeScript is kind of like an extension of JavaScript. In JavaScript, variables and constants are assigned values. A feature of TypeScript is that you can assign types to those variables such as String Number Boolean etc.

How does TypeScript help developers and why is it a tool worth considering?

TypeScript helps developers and is worth considering because it makes the code more consistent and less likely to have bugs becuase you can be sure that the values in your code are the correct type of value. Often times developers find themselves with errors that include Undefined. By assigning types in TypeScript, that is less likely to happen.

What is the difference between compilation and transpilation?

The main difference between compilation and transpilation is the level of code returned. Compilation takes code and turns it into a lower-level of code that what was originally given. Transpilation takes code and transforms it into the same level of code that was originally given.